Robots: Reaching Space

Beside Earth the only other planet that humans have set foot on is the Moon. However, Robotic explorers have touched the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, as well as a few comets and asteroids. In the space society, any unmanned spacecraft can be described as Robotic Spacecraft. For Robonauts, a big advantage is that they need neither food nor drink for survival and can function in very inhospitable conditions. Also Sending a robot to space is much economical than sending a human being.  This section will explore about the robotic journey in space and will highlight how Robonaut become a helping hand in space exploration.
  • History of Unmanned Space Robots
  • ROV and RMS
  • Robots and Manned Space Exploration
  • Aerobot
  • Robonaut
  • Orbiters, Rovers, Landers
  • Aerial Robotics
  • Role of Robots in Space Race
  • Mars and Beyond