Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The ability of the Autonomous Systems to make decisions for themselves, with little to no input from humans greatly increases the utility of Artificial Intelligence, Robots and similar IoT devices. However due to this autonomous function Some experts and scholars have reservations about the use of Artificial Intelligence in various jobs. Writers like Isaac Asimov considered the issue in many of his works. It is very important that consumers trust AI systems, or else their recognition in society will be threatened. This Ethics related session of Artificial Intelligence aims to provide an agenda within which researchers and policy planner foresee the current and future ethical issues and to provide insights about concern related to ethical behaviour.
  • Ambient Intelligence Challenges
  • Machine Ethics
  • Artificial Consciousness
  • Robot Ethics and Rights
  • Artificial Moral Agents
  • Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Power and Human Reason
  • AI: Threat to Human Dignity